A Christian Banned


My sleep was shattered by blinding light
High and lifted up upon His throne
Was the great I AM and me alone
Jehovah´s glory was all about
All heaven shook with the angel shout:
"Three times holy is this God of might"

Here am I - send me
Here am I - take me
Here am I - use me
Here am I - spend me
Send me, take me, use me, spend me, I am not my own

His righteousness screams that I have sinned
Holy conviction rips me apart
A coal from the fire burns through to my heart
Clean was I by the holy King´s choice
Then all was still except for his voice
"Who will go for us? Whom shall i send"



Sleepin´ With The World 

In the little red brick house, daddy is sleepin´ with Mommy
In the little house next door, daddy is sleepin´ with Tommy
Everybody´s sleepin´ with someone, you´re sleepin´ with the world
Bill and Sue were out all night, they weren´t sleepin´ in that car
Late night soft core TV flick, dream of sleepin´ with a star
Everybody´s sleepin´ with someone, you´re sleepin´ with the world

Get out of bed - can´t hide your shame
Get out of bed - He knows your name
Get out of bed - just one way´s right
Get out of bed - be clothed in white

Way of yonder in D.C, a senator´s sleepin´ with pages
On the east side of the city, there´s women sleepin´for wages
Man´s tried most everything, except sleepin´ with his wife
Pervert just got out of jail, does his sleepin´ with a knife

Chorus (2x)

´Til I gave Jesus everything, I didn´t live it on the level
Little did I know it then, I was sleepin´with the devil
The bride of Christ has got to stop
Stop sleepin´ withy the world


Make Me Burn 

Make me burn with a heart that´s true
Consumed by all your love can do
Make me burn with a pure desire
Ignited by Your holy fire

Lord make me burn

Make me burn witha joyful seal
So all the world can see You´re real
Make me burn with the kind of love
That comes from Jesus up above

Lord make me burn

Make me burn with the Spirit´s power
I need You so in this dark hour
Make me burn with a flame so bright
That demons quake and run in fright

Lord make me burn

I can be so cold, I can stay so far
It´s me who runs from where You are

Blow And Go 

Dying people on the street
Each step closer to the heat
People hurting, tired and weak
But we´re too afraid to speak

Blow Spirit, blow
And then through me flow
So I can go, go ,go ,go
Tell the world

Silent mouths and dead cold prayer
Show how much we really care
If we don´t go they´ll never see
Jesus came to set them free

Blow Spirit, blow
And then through me flow
So I can go, go ,go ,go
Tell the world

Anarchy Is Prison 

You live for anarchy
Jesus will set you free
Who are you gonna be
Get down on your knees

You call it truth - it´s only smoke
Are you for real? is this a joke?
Marx and Lenin are your thing
Where will you be when Christ is King?


War and famine, hate, greed and fear
Will all of that just disapear?
Just go away? where have you been?
We love it all ´cause we love sin


Society´s rotten down to the core
You hate it all, what are you for?
All you do is complain and gripe
Why don´t you act? The time is ripe


Is "No More Rule" your answer found
It´s satan´s lie, in which you´re bound
Free in Jesus, ´cause He is risen
You´re in a hole - anarchy is prison

Chorus (2x)

Anarchy is prison (4x)

But Jesus will set you free

So tell me, who are you gonna be?

Life´s A Bomb

We´ve got a bomb
We´ve got somer more
We´ve got a Nam in El Salvador
We´ve got the cash
We´ve got the greed
We´ve got the poor we´ll never feed

Life´s a bomb (4 x)
So it´s not your crime
No saving grace
You´re out of time
And it´s gonna blow up in your face

You´re always high
Your clothes are rad
You´ve got to teach your Wall Street Dad
You´re on your own
Your life is punk
You can´t forget your Mom´s a drunk


Your fuse is short
You just can´t cope
Life in the Son
Your only hope

Life´s no bomb (4 x)
Your life is lost
Give up today
He paid the cost
His love is gonna blow you clean away...