One Bad Pig recording with Johnny Cash in 1991
to the official PIG PEN...

Good-bye for now, honorary One Bad Pig member, Johnny. When we join you in heaven some day, we will finally do that "live" version of Man in Black we always wanted to do (but we will all be wearing white robes). Thanks for being the blessing you were to us and so many people around the world. (l-r. Phillip Owens, Carey Womack, Johnny, Daniel Tucek, Paul Q-Pek)

Johnny Cash     1932-2003

One Bad Pig is alive and kickin’.

Just finished our reunion concerts with guest drummer, PJ Bostic (Phillip was leading worship at the prelude event to Wittenburg 2017).

We reunited to record our first studio album of new material in 25 years with our Kickstarter supporters help!

So thankful for our fans' support –


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