SHare the covers!

2005 was the 20th birthday of the band. The idea came up to do a project where bands and fans cover One Bad Pig tunes for a special album. Sounded like a wonderful idea since there are so many creative types out there.

Scheduled for a “funds available” release and called "'Pigs in a Blanket' (bands/fans cover OneBadPig)", it’s original interpretations of songs in the OBP library.

Pigs In A BLanket
• Never Forget the Cross - Anvah
• Blow & Go - The Scooterz
• You're a Pagan - Spoken Groove
• See Me Sweat - Lordchain
• Let's Be Frank - Ed Fleab w/S. Nelson & LSM
• Big Stomach - Sean Bartlett
• Hey Punk - Crimson Thorn
• Cut Your Hair - Wear That Shoe
When Your Love Died - Lordchain
• For a Good Man - Spiral Cruciifixion
• Red River - Slamcat, Deuteronomium
• I Scream Sunday - I Scream Sunday
• Bowl of Wrath - Three Times Fire
• Looney Tune - The Guitar Lemonades
• Thrash Against Sin - Frost Hardr
Altar Ego - The Migraines
Wholly My Lord - Far From Close
Pad Thai - 6 versions - The Guitar Lemonades
One Bad Pig Medley - Black Magic Marker
Happy Birthday Again - Happy Little Day
Project Update: 02 Sep 2011
26 years to the day One Bad Pig first played in Austin, Texas.
Project Update: 07 July 2007
Finalizing artwork. It's an awesome graphic by Steve Grew. Decided to go with our original idea and release the project independently.

Project Update: 15 Jan 2007
Still working on putting the artwork together and finalizing the song submissions (mastering) and track order. The label that was interested in distributing this project fell through; still working on other possibilities. Please be patient. We only have a limitied amount of time and resources to work with, but there is some wonderful stuff here and we will get it to the masses somehow.

Project update:  04  Feb  2006
We are closing in on the deadline (April 01  2006) for submissions. Hurry and get your cover in if you haven't yet. Where are all the visual artists out there? Haven't gotten much in the way of artwork for the album inserts.

Project update:   29 Oct 2005
Fans have been sending in some great covers. Thankyou to all those that have sent in their submissions.  The label that was going to release this project backed out, so we have several options we are looking at for distribution. We are waiting to hear the status of several major label bands who expressed interest if it could be cleared through their label. This would give the project better clout/buzz.
Steve Grew

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